Cakes, cookies, wafers
- effect – taste improvement in fillers & base, calories reduction, improvement of texture and product structure. PectoCELL™AC025N , NutriCELL™ OC025R1

       Liquid covers (milky basis, nut creams, choco creams)
- effect – improvement of taste, flexibility and structure of product. NutriCELL™ OC025R1

       Jelly candies – partial replacement of expensive gelling agents (pectin or carrageanan) in non gelatin candies, recipe cost reduction. PectoCELL™ AC025N


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Meat products

       Luncheon meats – addition of 1,5% of oat fibre preparation prevents creation of effluence during production and storage. Additionally improves consitency of product and its succulency. NutriCELL™ OC025R3

       Sausages – addition of 2% of oat fibre preparation allows to decrease fat content without change of taste. Additionally improves sausage structure making it more flexible. Reduces recipe cost. NutriCELL™ OC025R1

– addition of 2-6% of oat fibre preparation improves structure and compactness of hamburger, allows to reduce fat without taste change. NutriCELL™ OC025R3.

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Sauces, Ketchups, Mustards       

      Partial replacement of thickener (modified starch) by oat fibre preparation brings up to 50% savings (it means that thickener in product costs half price), and improves product structure.

Recommended dosage of oat fibre preparation in products :

       Tomato sauces: from 5 kg to 10 kg in 1000 kg – partially replaces starch , brings volume effect, improves thickness, reduces sliminess. NutriCELL™ OC025R1

       Mustards: from 15 kg to 30 kg in 1000kg – binds water, brings volume effect. NutriCELL™ OC025R3

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      Bread - stuffs – Fibre preparations added to dough are making it softer in comparison to dough without fibre. Due to water binding ability of fibres it is necessary to add more water to dough. Recommended dosage: from 2% to 24% according to desired effect.

        Bread - effect - increased shelf-life, addtion of fibre filler reducing, bread stays soft longer, is less susceptible to crumbling. Adding more than 10% of fibre creates additional wholesome effect. PectoCELL™AC025N , NutriCELL™ OC025R3

      Wholegrain bread, crackers, wafers - effect - calories reduction , improved water binding, volume increase. PectoCELL™AC025N , NutriCELL™ OC150R31

        Spongy cakes, rolls - effect - fat reduction , longer shelf-life, better colour and taste. PectoCELL™AC025N , NutriCELL™ OC025R3

        Gluten free products - effect - product structure improvement. PectoCELL™AC025N , NutriCELL™ OC025R3

      Cakes, cookies and pies - effect - taste improvement of pies fillers and base, calories reduction, product structure improvement. PectoCELL™AC025N , NutriCELL™ OC025R1

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Extruded Products       

      Even small amount of oat fibre preparation added dramatically increases fibre content in finish product, almost without change of taste.
      Improves product structure making it lighter and more fluffy.

Doesn’t change extrusion process characteristics. NutriCELL™ OC150R31

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Coatings and Powders       

       Addition of oat fibre preparation to coating and replacing some of starch allows frying coated product in higher temperatures.
       Additionally, beautiful golden colour of product will grab your clients attention. NutriCELL™ OC150R31

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